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2017 Annual Dinner of Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation


Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation held the Annual Dinner at Pinghu Xinsanwu Ruijing Hotel. General Manager Mr. Tang Donglei made a speech to summarize the good performance of year 2016 and raised the outlook of the New Year 2017.

We produced and performed by ourselves in total 12 shows with different forms and rich contents from different departments to embody the good spiritual outlook of Tsugami employees. We had 8 different awards for improvements, five years working in Tsugami, best teams, best managers, best employees etc. In total 250 employees were covered at Annual Dinner. Interactive sessions of different kinds of games and lucky draws took place during the Dinner with which the event reached the climax.

The employees became closer, promoted mutual feelings and enhanced the overall rallying power and combat effectiveness of Tsugami after this Annual Dinner. The employees of Tsugami will continue go ahead with unity and endeavour and work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow and embrace a better future!

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