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7th Technical Fair of Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation Ends with a Big Success


The 7th?technical fair hosted by Precision Tsugami (China) Corporation was held at the Company’s Pinghu factory on 24th?and 25th?June 2019. The technical fair attracted a total of 707 local and overseas agents and customers numbering in all 1,364, the most so far.

Adhering to the philosophy of “Giving customers in China the most advanced machine tool in the world, giving customers all over the world the machine tool with the highest price-performance”, the Company has endeavored to develop itself into a machine tool manufacturer most attentive to the needs of customers in China and worldwide.

Going forward, the Company will actively introduce machines equipped with the latest technology, the highest quality and the highest price-performance, and also continue to host the annual technical fair. It looks forward to more customers visiting the technical fair and placing more orders next year.

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