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The Third Induct Ceremony of Fresh Graduates


In order to welcome the college graduates of 2017 to join our company, make them quickly switch into new roles and identify the position to integrate into the “big family”. We held the third new graduates induct ceremony with 95 fresh graduates including 8 with master’s degree, 38 with bachelor’s degree and 49 with junior college degree on 1, September 2017.

All executive officers and department heads participated in this ceremony.

Vice chairman and General Manager Mr.Tang Donglei addressed at first to express the warm welcome to each new employee, introduced the history, the industrial development outlook and the targets both in middle term and long term. At the same time, Mr. Tang raised the hope that they can adapt to the environment, integrate into the company culture, be clear with work target and fully show the talent to become leaders within 3—5 years in different fields of the company.

The new employee Hujie Gou made a speech as representative to explain the transmission from lost and confusion to responsible and disciplined, showed the confidence for the work in future, and would be open-minded, be aggressive and ready to take new challenges. Ning Gao, Joined Tsugami in 2016, who was the fellow student, made another speech to share the working experience of more than one year in Tsugami to encourage the new graduates be accountable, study hard, and work with passionate!

Our company started to recruit outstanding students from colleges national-wide to prepare the technical power for R&D by ourselves and currently we have 4 with doctor’s degree and 36 with master’s degree and 213 with bachelor’s degree.

We started to hold the induct ceremony since 2015 and this is starting line of the journey and a good beginning is half done.

We firmly believe that coached by company and hard-working by themselves, the fresh graduates will become important force for Tusgami!

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