CNC Precision Automatic Lathe
P013 P014 P033 P034


Thanks to the measures for thermal displacement and automatic compensation system, dispersion from the non-warmup status is reduced.
○Increase the capacity of the coolant tank
○Standard configuration of cutting fluid cooling fan, X and Y axes motor air cooling and tool height displacement compensation
?The main and back spindles are equipped with high-speed spindles of 25,000min-1/20,000min-1 respectively
?Fine precision work is clamped gently by using chucks with adjustable clamping force on both main and back spindles
?Easy-to-use software for turning fine precision work is installed. (Tool-height compensation function)
?High-precision structure with high rigidity bed and symmetrical configuration
?Space saving with the floor space requirement of 0.8㎡


Machine tool parameter P013 P014 P033 P034
Max. machinable dia. φ1mm φ1mm φ3mm φ3mm
Maind spindle speed 25,000min-1 25,000min-1 20,000min-1 20,000min-1
Back spindle speed 25,000min-1 20,000min-1
Total number of tools 14PCS
Rapid traverse rate 20m/min
Main spindle motor 0.75/1.1kW
Width×Depth×Height 1,690×600×600mm
Weight 1,100kg


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